Canterbury Sheepskin Woman’s Loafers won by Woman’s Weekly readers.

Canterbury Sheepskin Woman’s Loafers won by Woman’s Weekly readers.

Congratulations to the 4 winners of the New Zealand Woman’s weekly editors giveaway. Amazingly almost 500 entries were received, which is unprecedented for an editors giveaway – especially for a winter product (slippers) in the middle of summer (northern hemisphere)!

The Canterbury Sheepskin Woman’s Loafers are certainly catching on as a stylish shoe that is more than just a warm and comfy slipper.

Canterbury Sheepskin Woman's Loafers won by Woman's Weekly readers.

Canterbury Sheepskin Woman’s Loafers won by Woman’s Weekly readers.



We received a lovely letter this week about a pair of boots we made many years (at least 15 maybe 20 years ago).

Canterbury Sheepskin Letter of appreciation

Canterbury Sheepskin Letter of appreciation

This is what it had to say:
“Dear Sir, I was given a pair of your big furry boots by a friend and hope this letter finds you to let you know how much I enjoy them and the quality of their craftsmanship. I have the enclosed label from the bottom of one of the boots to ensure that whoever made them gets my appreciation! thanks and Happy New Year. Val Simon”

About Us

Canterbury Sheepskin™ is proudly made in New Zealand by Canterbury Leather International Ltd – our company that was established way back in 1974.

Canterbury Leather International Ltd. has earned its reputation for well made sheepskin footwear, apparel and accessories, both in New Zealand and international markets. The enduring principles of New Zealand made, uncompromising quality standards and product integrity are the foundations of our business.

No other fibre in the world can match wool for all its unique properties – warm in winter, cool in summer with the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet. We source premium hides to bring you the highest quality sheepskin boots and accessories. From specially reinforced heel supports in the boots to the luxurious sheepskin insoles, Canterbury Sheepskin™ products are designed to bring you the ultimate in quality, comfort and design.

Canterbury Sheepskin™ products reflect the New Zealand made pioneer spirit, using resources from which New Zealand as a nation was built. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them.


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