Taylor Swift in New Zealand wearing Ugg Boots!

Taylor Swift in New Zealand wearing Ugg Boots!

At the end of November Taylor Swift came tot he South Island of New Zealand on holiday. It was great to see a few photos in the media of Taylor wearing Sheepskin UGG Boots. We don’t know whether they’re Canterbury Sheepskin, but hopefully she bought some on her travels around the Southern Lakes area.

Taylor got 1.4 million likes on Instagram for her “NZ Road Trip” post.

Taylor Swift in New Zealand wearing Ugg Boots!

Taylor Swift in New Zealand wearing Ugg Boots!














A bit about the History of Canterbury Sheepskin

Canterbury Leather International (CLI) was founded in 1974 by Doug & Gill Price, and originally focused on manufacture and export of sheepskin footwear, garments and accessories. The business manufactured its own brand (Homestead) as well a “private label” contract manufacturing.

From the late 1970’s CLI evolved to be primarily a manufacturer of sheepskin garments and this continued up until the early 1990’s. Garments were high value items and highly sought after around the world. Production of garments peaked in the mid 1980’s, at around 60 items per day and were primarily exported. This market changed steadily during the late 1980’s as first the Turkish, then Korean and finally Chinese manufacturers moved into the manufacture of sheepskin garments. However demand was still strong for high priced, premium end, New Zealand manufactured garments, particularly with the Asian tourists to Australia and New Zealand. Once the Asian crisis hit in the early 1990’s demand for these garments dried up almost overnight.

By the time the Asian Crisis hit CLI they were already well down the road to diversifying the product range of the company. During the 1980’s whilst exhibiting at Trade Fairs in Las Vegas an alliance was formed between Canterbury Leather International and Brian Smith, the original founder of UGG Holdings, and the UGG Australia brand. This initial contact led to the development of the UGG supply relationship which continued strongly even after the Deckers purchase of UGG Holdings in 1995.

Deckers were originally manufacturers with plants in the USA; Costa Rico and Mexico, but as their sales grew they have increasingly focused on the design, sales and distribution functions, and outsourced most manufacturing to China, whilst the manufacture of high-end UGG product remained in New Zealand.

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