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Once the winter staple of the pyjama-clad student at the supermarket, ugg boots are making a comeback. For those of us who have been secretly  enjoying our uggs in the safety of our own homes, this is welcome news.

The ugg boot has long provided the neccessary warmth required to survive Canterbury winters, but those with a hint of self-respect have drawn the line at stepping out the front door in them.

Not any more. Wear them on the street people! If Vogue says it’s OK, well, you can’t get a much better permission slip than that.

Ugg boots are back – but there are limits.  Don’t wear them with your tracksuit bottoms for a start.

The message this winter is to style them up.

Sloppy, grungy stretched-out footwear remains completely unacceptable in the fashion world. Instead, the 2015 ugg must be trendy, well-made, clean and carefully styled for the maximum fashion-comfort combination.

If you’re looking for a “glam” ugg boot option, this season will see plenty of glitzy alternatives to the classic sheepskin colours.

Canterbury Sheepskin is offering mini (low-top) uggs in black and silver glitter and Ugg Australia has a “bling sting” line catering to the more outgoing.

Of course, if glitter, sparkles and cheetah print isn’t your speed (all available 2015), you can always find something inbetween like a boot in navy, red or pink sheepskin.

While the current trend is for high-impact look-at-me footwear, there’s always a case to be made for the traditional tan-coloured ugg. Low-cut “mini” uggs are in, taller ones are out. As always, choose something to reflect your own style.

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