Ugg boots or Ugh boots or Sheepskin Boots?

tara-navyAt Canterbury Leather we have a long tradition of making sheepskin boots which in New Zealand and Australia are traditionally known as ugg boots or uggs. Ugg boots and sheepskin boots are essentially the same product, just with different branding and fashion styling based on the creative designs of different manufacturers (and the application of their various trademarks). In New Zealand and Australia ugg is used as a generic term to describe these types of sheepskin boots, but in the rest of the world UGG is a trademark that has been registered by US company Deckers Brands in 130 different countries.

The term ugg is lost in history with many theories about the origins of the boot and how the name came about – with some suggesting the name refers to the comment that the boots were ‘ugly’. Uggly or not, the boots became very popular with surfers in Australia and eventually made their way to the US.

Over the years ugg boots have fallen in an out of favour with the fashion cognoscenti, but are now firmly established as a fashion item and the favourite footwear of many models and actresses especially those who adopt a ‘boho chic’ style of dressing. As for the rest of us who are not famous or making a fashion statement, we enjoy wearing our sheepskin boots because they are practical, comfortable and often the only item of footwear that will keep us warm through the colder months. Just how warm will our boots keep your feet? Well our sales into Russia and our feedback from Russian bloggers is that they will beat back a Russian winter! That’s how warm.

Now, not all sheepskin boots are created equal, so before purchasing have a good look at how and where the boots have been made, as some boots are mass produced in China from poorer quality products. At Canterbury Sheepskin we are proud to have been making our high quality and very stylish sheepskin boots right here in Christchurch New Zealand since 1974 with our highly regarded design team an our unique reinforced sole. We receive constant feedback from our customers that are boots are built to last the distance.

Our sheepskin boots can be purchased in Christchurch at our factory shop located at unit 2, 25 Sheffield Crescent, Burnside, Christchurch. Alternatively you can buy our boots online at or find the boots stocked with a number of New Zealand and Australian stockists.

Regardless of what you call them, sheepskin boots are here to stay and will remain a popular choice around the world.

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