Welcome to Canterbury Sheepskin Leather International Ugg Boots & Slippers New Zealand

Luxurious genuine sheepskin, premium quality,
crafted to last, hand made in New Zealand.

From the ground up, we’ve got your life covered.

Think family time, weekend errands, outdoor adventures, watching sport, playing with the kids, coffee dates, shopping, barbecues and good old fashioned chilling.

Our artisan-crafted sheepskin slippers hug your feet with indescribable comfort and warmth. Like a second skin, they fit you and your life perfectly; transporting you effortlessly through life’s moments.

Canterbury Sheepskin Leather International Ugg Boots New Zealand

Take a moment to walk in our slippers, you’ll fall in love on the first step.

You’re busy. We get it. That’s why we’ve got your life covered from the ground up.

Our slippers are designed to fit you and your lifestyle like a second skin, transporting you effortlessly through life’s moments.

Before you even put them on, you know instantly how they will feel. The easy, comfortable fit of an old friend you can’t live without.


Taking cues from nature in everything we do

With the Canterbury plains and the Southern Alps on our back door, we’re inspired by the environment that surrounds us.

We take a harmonious approach to everything we do. We look beyond aesthetics, beyond fashion to create beautifully natural sheepskin products.

It’s about simplicity, authenticity and quality that lasts. Just as nature intended!

We've been crafting the quintessential sheepskin slipper since 1974

Canterbury Sheepskin was born from the desire to delight people everywhere with the indescribable comfort and warmth of luxurious sheepskin.

It takes skilled craftsmanship, timeless design and quality natural materials to create the quintessential sheepskin slipper; something we’ve been doing since 1974.

Every pair of Canterbury Sheepskin slippers are designed and made right here in NZ.

Artisan-crafted from luxuriously soft sheepskin, our slippers hug your feet like pillows of indescribable comfort and warmth.

Luxurious Sheepskin Slippers

Handcrafted in New Zealand by good people for good people

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