Care and Cleaning of your Sheepskin Products:

Keeping your sheepskin product clean will ensure the maximum product life and wearing enjoyment. Avoid heavy soiling and exposure to water. To provide extra protection for your sheepskin product apply a ‘suede approved’ water repellant from a specialist leather care retailer. If your product does get wet, blot any excess moisture with a clean dry towel. Then allow to dry at room temperature – away from heaters or direct sunlight. When dry, gently rub the surface with a clean dry towel to restore the suede surface.

Sheepskin Footwear and Bags can be cleaned at home by following these instructions:

  1. Hand wash only. DO NOT use a washing machine.
  2. Hand wash in warm water with a wool approved detergent. GENTLY rub the upper surface with a sponge to remove stubborn marks. Do not rub aggressively as this could cause discoloration and roughen the surface.
  3. Rinse in clean cold water. DO NOT ALLOW TO SOAK.
  4. Gently squeeze out any excess water.
  5. Re-form the article and allow to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or heaters.
  6. Once the article is dry, lightly buff the suede surface with a dry towel to restore the original nap.

For hats we recommend DRY CLEANING only by an experienced leather/suede dry cleaner

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