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About Canterbury Sheepskin

Canterbury Sheepskin was established in 1974. We are a New Zealand based manufacturer of hand made Sheepskin Boots, Slippers and Accessories.

Our products are of the made of the highest quality materials and priced accordingly. Customers who purchase our products want a high quality product that will last and are prepared to pay for this.

Key markets for our products are the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, mainland Europe and Japan. Our average order size from the webshop is around NZ$200.00.

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Sales Official After: 90 days
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Unique Selling Point

Canterbury Sheepskin products are of very high quality, stylishly designed and are made to last. Our Sheepskin Wellingtons are unique in the market, as are many of the designs of our slippers and boots. We are the number one manufacturer of premium sheepskin footwear in New Zealand and have customers all over the world who have purchased our products in NZ whilst on holiday.

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Customer Service & Other Enquiries

Address. PO Box 217048, Botany Junction, Auckland, New Zealand 2164