Dominion New Zealand

From humble beginnings in 1974 the people at Canterbury Leather International have produced New Zealand’s world famous sheepskin product of the highest quality, craftsmanship and heritage.

Throughout the decades, years and seasons the team in Canterbury has consistently produced and presented their amazing products to millions of customers around the world. Then late in September 2009 the team decided they wanted to share their enduring passion for sheepskin hand-crafted apparel, footwear and accessories by launching and releasing a special brand “Dominion New Zealand”.

Dominion New Zealand was uniquely created for the discerning international markets and is a personal statement that the team in Canterbury wants the world to experience. Dominion was o­fficially launched in Milan, Italy in March 2010 and now has representation in the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Korea, Japan and is now establishing a presence in China.

The Dominion New Zealand brand represents a promise that you will enjoy the experience of the range and its quality craftsmanship, unsurpassed comfort, style, luxury and design. We want you to enjoy!


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