Customer Testimonials

Here a just a few recent testimonials from our customers around the world:

“Canterbury is the best, always.” [Ella Boot] (Wenqian G)

“Fabulous products and we love supporting Canterbury. Great service too. ” [Mel Slipper] (Jillian)

“This winter my feet are finally warm thank you to my purchase of Casey slippers. Our house is quake damaged, cold and draughty and I have endured the past two winters with frozen, uncomfortable feet. This year I can keep my toes toasty and dry – because of the great sole on the slippers I can nip outside and stay dry as well as warm. Not having to change into shoes to go outside (say to get the paper or mail in) means I keep the warmth in my feet instead of going from warm slippers to cold shoes. I love my Caseys so much! They have made a very positive improvement to my life. (sorry if it sounds like I’m raving but it’s been so miserable being totally cold the past couple of winters)” [Casey Slippers] (Lynda W.)

“Soft, warm and great fit.” [7515 Shoe Insoles] (Jean-philippe C)

“My husband loves his new slippers. Whenever he gets home they go straight on his feet. He says they’re so comfortable and warm and loves how the sole allows him to pop outside to get the wood without having to put shoes on. So thank you, they were a very successful present for a ‘hard-to-buy-for’ man. Fantastic customer service too. ” [Brooke Slipper] (Claire H)

“The slippers arrived promptly, and I took them to the UK, as a gift for my brother. I had bought some for his wife, and he was so impressed that he wanted a pair too. He wasn’t disappointed.” [Cambridge Slippers] (Vanessa M.)

“Perfect gift for my husband, he loves them. I have also purchased some kids boots for my son and they are also fantastic. Will be updating my own boots next winter and will be coming straight to Canterbury Sheepskin. ” [Albert Slipper, Kids Boots] (Annette O.)

“I absolutely love my Robyn boots, the sheepskin is so beautiful and sheer luxury to slip my feet into after a long day in heels. On the weekends I like nothing more than to wear my boots with a pair of Jeans and revel in the comfort and warmth whilst watching my daughter play netball. I really love the detail of the lacing at the back of the boot it really adds that bit of style that other Sheepskin boots lack. A superior, boot through and through. What I really wish now is that my daughter wouldn’t keep borrowing them.” [Robyn Boots] (Jenni Harrison)

“I’m wearing my Ashley’s every day!” [Ashley Boots] (Michelle)

“Thank you for supplying the insoles after wearing my slippers for 2 years the lining had wore out in places but with the new insoles they are just like new again and I will definitely think about doing the same again in a couple of years “. [7404 Slipper Insoles] (Brenda M.)

“Had this model for many years, excellent. I did hundreds of thousands if km’s. in my last pair as an inter state driver in Australia. (Perth Brisbane each week.) This last pair may even “see me out!?”. Thank you”. [Brooke slipper] (Philip E.).

“Wonderful slippers. I have had mine for nearly 6 years…about a year too long really as I place a high demand on them. They’ve done many km’s over the years. I’m here looking where to buy a replacement pair”. [Chris Slipper] (Justine)

“I got a pair of your shoes when in Australia back in 2006…I am on my 3rd pair and the ones i just bought are for my Dad. Appreciate the comfort that you build into your shoes. Thanks from Texas!” [Albert Slipper] (Kyle S)

“I have had 3 pairs of your Chris scuffs over the last 10 years and they are the best slippers in the world. I have just worn my last pair out at the same time as returning to NZ – Christchurch. (Sarah D)

“The Oxford low ugg boots that I purchased are absolutely perfect! Great colour (chocolate) and just the most comfortable shoes. I will be purchasing more for my family and telling all my friends about the quality product. Thank you- You’ve made me look forward to cold weather!” (Tracey C)

“Lovely boots ! Such FABOULOUS quality. Customer service second to none! Very pleased! ” [Ella Boots] (Pamela J.)

“Don’t have to worry about Europe’s cold long winter anymore.” [75001 Boot Insoles] (Sudi Z.)

“I bought these boots having borrowed a pair from a colleague for a trip to the Artic Circle a couple of years ago. I’m delighted I finally made the purchase and got my own – they are so warm and comfortable that I don’t want to take them off. ” [Ella Boots] (Sue M)

“Excellent slippers. Have bought many times and would highly recommend to everyone. ” [Chris Slippers] (Louise E)

“Could not have been more helpful and my new fluffy insoles arrived in the UK very quickly even though they are not for a boot they sell the insoles for! I am so impressed by the customer service I received and would not hesitate to recommend!” (Sally W.)

“Make my 5 year old slippers like new” [bought new insoles for slippers] (Gerard M.)

“My old ones finally wore out after four years. I love them!! Really warm and comfortable, like wearing slippers.” [Oxford Tall Boots] (Andria R.)

“Fantastic, excellent communication and fast delivery all the way to the UK. Reminds me why I love New Zealand and its people so much. Thank you” (James C.)

I love my julia uggs…best uggs ever, and very stylish and warm…thanks Canterbury Sheepskin for an awesome product. (Lee-anne, Australia)

I just received my new Oxford boots and a pair of slippers; they both are truly amazing to wear! Feels like I am in heaven, walking on warm clouds. Thank you for great products! (Karolina, Stockholm)

I bought a pair of Supertread chocolate boots 4 years ago and they are still going strong! (Kim, UK)

Please can you tell me where I can get a pair of Artica boots in the UK? I’ve had mine for three years and they’ve worn out and I’m gutted! (Elizabeth, UK)

Hi. About 5 years ago I bought a pair of supertread tall in chestnut; what amazing boots!!! (Viki, UK)

Bought a pair last year in Geraldine and brought them back to Germany with me…They are the warmest and most comfy shoes one can have…. (Nicole, Germany)

I got me some Taras. I swear to GOD I would sleep in them if I could.(Farron, New Zealand)

I live in my Robyns…..I swear I don’t need the heating on as high now that I have these! (Sharen, New Zealand)

I bought these as a new replacement pair for my husband as he loves them .. His previous pair of the same slippers lasted a good 3 years and he still wears them as his outside slippers! They are fantastic and I shall be getting a pair for myself in the new year :o)  (Nicola)

I love your boots???, I love the fact that you sell in larger sizes??? (I’m cursed with large yeti sized feet – UK 8). I’m not ashamed to say that I pranced around my house with joy when my boots arrived and they fit???…oh to be a size 3/4/5 !!! It you had a shop in the UK I’d probably camp outside it and indulge in a shopping frenzy. (Julie, UK)

“Warm and snug for a German freezing winter! The Artica books look classy, beautiful chocolate colour and are extremely warm and snug. Not to forget their softness and ideal for wet and snowing weather conditions. I highly recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to freeze off their toes and also wants to look good in them! Thanks!!! (Sam, Germany)




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