Customers enjoying their Canterbury Sheepskin boots!

One of our customers sent in this photo of them and their Canterbury Sheepskin boots. A great New Zealand scene…!


A little more about the photo (from ):

Babes on Pigeon Island
The Babes are five female climbers who in February 2005 ran the Milford and Routeburn Tracks, climbed Mitre Peak, kayaked down Lake Wakatipu, and more. See their website for the full story on Niki, Jill, Laurel, Lani, and Kim.

The tub on Pigeon Island was the first hot water they’d seen for two weeks. We dropped it off by boat: it took three minutes to fill from the lake using two buckets. We towed it back behind a canoe: the tub floats amazingly well even with the burner, flue, gas bottle, and camping gear packed inside.

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