ko-te.com blog reviews the Canterbury Sheepskin Sabina boots!

ko-te.com Review of the Sabina Sheepskin Wellingtons I would also like to tell you about my new boots that were sent to me for review byCaterbury Sheepskin. Those who are friends of me in social networks already know how much I suffered enough from the Portuguese Customs Service, that wanted to charge money from poor me 😀 (and they actually got it!). Many thanks to Ian and Jenni of Canterbury Sheepskin team, who have been fighting with me till the end! Actually, as I promised, here is my review:

Sabina boots with sheepskin top and rubber bottom designed mostly for cold and humid climate with abundant rainfall. Boots are insulated, and conceived for the weather kinda “sleety.” As I said there is no snow in Portugal, but is cold enough. Also, in January here come the fierce winter storms with incessant rains. That’s why I’ve chosen Sabina boots ( the brand has also “total-sheepskin” boots). When (well, finally!) I’ve received a package, and tried on the boots, it seemed to me that my feet sank into something soft! My forevercold limbs immediately warmed up (now I wear them not only outdoor, but at home too… They are so warm , I’m wearing them right now :D). Boots have zipper, also they have a straps on the ankle that adjusts the width of the bootleg, if, for example, you will put on pants, then you will not have problems with the “stretching” of boots. Sheepskin top and rubber bottom are connected manually by strong nylon thread in large stitches. My feet feel comfortable, I would say – cozy. In first day of wearing my legs were tired a bit – all boots are heavier of regular shoes, but after a couple of days I stopped noticing them. Interestingly, my feet, despite the heat, do not sweat! When I will visit Russia, these boots definitely find a place in my suitcase! Or maybe on my feet =)


Eva from ko-te.com wears the Sabina boot
Eva from ko-te.com wears the Sabina boot
Eva from ko-te.com wears the Sabina boot
Eva from ko-te.com wears the Sabina boot

I would like to tell also couple of words about Canterbury Sheepskin. The team are lovely guys, I’m very grateful to them for their assistance in customs clearance (although I note that my gratitude not impact on my evaluation of the quality of boots, it is really high quality.) And being thankful, I place Canterbury Sheepskin‘s banner in my blog – if you want to update your winter wardrobe with warm, cozy and usable boots, welcome! We created SPECIAL Promo-Code ko-te, that will give you free shipping of your order. I will also place a coupon with promo-code below.

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