The Life of Spicers blog reviews the Canterbury Sheepskin Chris slipper.

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Chris slipper review by "The Life of Spicers" blog
Chris slipper review by “The Life of Spicers” blog


We’ve recently had new carpets fitted in our house as you may have remembered reading about, and since then we have had a no shoes in the house policy. Hubby is a nightmare for walking around the house in his shoes. He doesn’t like slippers very much, whereas I on the other hand would live in mine all the time given the chance. I can go through quite a few pairs each winter as I often wear them out before their natural time has arrived.

I was offered the chance to review and host a giveaway for some slippers from Canterbury Leather which of course I jumped at the chance because I can always do with a new pair of slippers.

As I browsed the options available to me, I spied the “Chris” slippers.  It’s designed to be a unisex slipper, but I think it looks more made for men due to the weight and size of the design. As I spied them, I thought of Hubby and wondered / hoped he would wear them if I chose those over some of the other designs on offer.

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They have a removable and replaceable insole unit which means you can keep these slippers going season after season. When we first got them out of the box and I put my feet in them, just to see what they were like you understand, I decided that if Hubby didn’t wear them then I would have them. They were so warm and snuggly, I had never worn anything like it before. This is down to the sheepskin insole.

I was surprised at how heavy the slippers were. They are very sturdy and there is no worry about the soles going, or the back of the mule style bending after wear.

I presented the box to Hubby and he was quite surprised something had arrived for him to review. I’ll admit I was dubious as to whether he would keep wearing them, but they live by the front door when he’s not here, and on his feet the rest of the time.


I did get the questions such as “Are you sure you wont be stealing them from me as they’re so warm?” and he also mentioned one day last weekend when he went to work that he’s left them at the end of our bed so I could put them on in his absence.

I’ve been very impressed with these slippers, and they might be a little out of my normal price bracket at £74 but they are worth every penny. You simply cannot compare them to your average pair of slippers.


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