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I have never owned anything made out Sheepskin so I was looking forward to seeing if the keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer really worked! Of course the latter will have to wait a few months for testing!
The slippers can be viewed on their website and you can purchase products via their webshop.
After viewing the website I chose to go for the ‘Blake’ style. I have quite wide feet so I felt that style would suit my feet best. I checked out the size guide and as my feet are a size 5 I went for the small. At first, when trying them on I was concerned that the small was going to be too small. However after a day or two of wearing them in they actually now fit perfectly.
They have indeed kept my feet lovely and warm, I was worried that they would make my feet sweat, but again, I needn’t of worried, my feet have stayed perfectly dry!
I love that these slippers have a hard sole, meaning I can wear them whilst in the garden or putting the rubbish out! In fact I am not ashamed to say that I had a quick 10 minute drive to make last night and forgot I was wearing my slippers until my husband pointed it out when I got home!
I can already see that they are hard wearing and are going to last a long time, they certainly have been made with quality in mind!

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