Broken Teepee blog reviews the Canterbury Sheepskin Mel Slipper

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Canterbury Sheepskin Mel slipper is a hit with "Broken Teepee"
Canterbury Sheepskin Mel slipper is a hit with “Broken Teepee”

I have happy feet!
Would you like to know why?
Well, I’m going to tell you why!

Because my feet are wrapped in the luxury of deliciously soft sheepskin slippers from Canterbury Sheepskin!
Are your feet jealous?
If you live somewhere where the temperature has dropped they are.
We are getting more snow this weekend but I know my feet will be nice and toasty warm.

My new Mel Slippers are very well made; I know this because I have been through my fair share of slippers in my ::cough, cough:: advanced age. The wool lining is soft and thick and I can turn the collar up or down depending on my ankles’ moods.

One never knows with one’s ankles now does one? They have a soft rubber (PVC) sole that lets me run out on the deck if I need to grab a bit of wood for the stove or for short jaunts but these babies are going nowhere near the goat pens!

In fact for the utmost in decadence I let them warm up a bit by the fire at night. Not too long mind you – I don’t want to singe them! You can see that Dedo my gargoyle heartily approves.

Aaaah, there is nothing better than warm and happy feet! (I think Dedo covets my slippers!) Canterbury Sheepskin shipped my new slippers from New Zealand. They came in the mail and arrived very quickly. They offer a gorgeous array of winter boots, slippers, hats and gloves for both men and women.


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