Bakes, Books and My Boys blog reviews the Casey Slipper

This week I received an incredibly lovely pair of slippers from Canterbury Sheepskin. I go through slippers rather quickly as I’m wont to pad around the garden in the morning with a cup of coffee musing the day. Needless to say you can imagine that soft soles and winter mornings don’t mix. So Canterbury Sheepskin came up trumps and sent me their Casey. Gorgeous fluffy slippers but with a really really good hard wearing outdoor sole! Fabulous idea no?

They arrived at my parents and before I could rush over and get to them both my grandma and mum had eyed up them up and were trying them on for size. They scream “slip your feet in!” They both agreed that they are incredibly luxurious. My grandma wondered how they would work in summer as in seconds her feet were warm and toasty but to quote Canterbury here “No other fibre in the world can match wool for all its unique properties – warm in winter, cool in summer with the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet” and so far they do. I’ve slipped outdoors in the cold and back in to a heated home and while my dressing grown or jumpers get flung off or thrown on depending my feet have remained constantly comfortable!I cannot stress enough the comfort factor so let’s move on to style and quality.  They are classed as unisex but they just look classical to me. Not frumpy either which you so often get with unisex pairs. The collar can be turned up or down depending on your taste (and also if you wanted warm ankles) The soles are hard wearing but very flexible and I’ve just discovered the insole can be taken out and replaced just to increase the longevity of these. I’m starting to think I might never need a new pair!I was concerned about the fact that they were coming from New Zealand but they arrived in a week which was quicker than my Grandmas arriving from Devon! DO pay attention though to the sizing! There’s a sizing chart on their site but I almost ordered the wrong size as I didn’t read it at first. But I can say despite the fact I was sent these for the purpose of a review I would quite happily buy myself a pair if anything happened and would highly recommend them to all!

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