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A well loved pair of Canterbury Sheepskin Flyer boots!

A well loved pair of Canterbury Sheepskin Flyer boots!


A customer who purchased a pair of Flyer Sheepskin Boots wrote us a letter this week. Its a real testament to how well our boots are made:

These boots are made for walking and also to last … and last!!!

As requested I am sending down photos of my pair of your Flyer Sheepskin Boots – purchased in Rotorua, August 1977 … 36 years ago.

They have lasted extremely well. Still comfortable to wear, mainly waterproof and the sheepskin warm and fluffy inside.

Although I’m in Auckland, they have travelled around the Mainland a number of times, been my outside footwear all winters, and for the past 10 years till I retired, my draughty office had a very cold bare concrete floor, so they were worn every day and kept my feet toasty-warm all winter as well as on chilly damp spring and autumn days.

They have well outlasted every other pair of footwear I’ve had, and I was hoping to get a little more wear out of them in my retirement. Sadly though the stitching has started to give way on the left boot so time for repairs.

I took them into a shoe repair place. The chap said the leather is still ok, if it was only a case of replacing the stitching, no problem. He couldn’t replace the ‘custom’ soles though and recommended I contact the makers.

Although last week I purchased my second pair of your Flyer Sheepskins, I would dearly love to get my originals repaired. The new pair are far too nice to wear around the garden on days when its too chilly for wellies.

Anyway, here they are:

I have taken care of them over the past three decades. They are still very comfortable, the outers are a little wear-stained and the sheepskin inner is still warm and fluffy – but:

The right boot is just showing stitch fatigue, and the sides of the sole edge are cracking away.

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