Slippers – the indoor UGH boot?

If you own a pair of Sheepskin Boots – you’ll need a pair of Sheepskin Slippers – just so you get a chance to take your sheepskin boots off!

One of the biggest problems with being a sheepskin Boot convert is you never want to take them off! That’s easily solved by getting yourself a pair of REAL sheepskin slippers!

We do the basic slip-on scuff Essential, to the more unique Kangaroo Fur scuff. If you like to nip outside in your slippers to get the mail or to call in the cat – Frontier with the heavier sole may be the scuff for you. All our scuffs have an easy clean EVA sole – that is light yet durable.

Scuffs may not be for all of you, so how about a full slipper for a warm heel too.  Check out the styles Abel or Brooke. And if you get cold ankles the Casey and Mel have a generous wool collar that can be turn up over the ankle.

If you can’t bear to take off your sheepskin slippers to go to bed……….we have the Slumber Sock – made from genuine wool pile (and it’s machine washable). These will keep any ‘frozen foot’ suffers happy.

So no need to wear your Sheepskin Boots inside or to bed anymore! Get yourself some sheepskin slippers – the indoor Ugh Boot J

 CSB – Canterbury Sheepskin Blogger

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